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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Todays' Painting, "Whispering"

The painting today is another from the beans that are flowering. I planted these about the 2nd or 3rd week of August. They just have tiny beans now and with luck I will get a meal or two. At least they are fun to watch grow.

This one measures 5"W x 6"H on canvas. I call it "whispering". So many of the blossoms appear as small heads or skulls. So I am trying to capture them with imagined expressions or conversations. Here the two blossoms appear in close proximity to one another as if telling secrets. Perhaps, "Who's the bloke with the paint brushes?"


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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Todays' Painting, "Racing Autumn"

This is a fun new painting called, "Racing Autumn", about a little pole bean flower gazing at his ripe older brother and wondering if he can beat the frost and grow up too.

Oil on canvas the painting on the left is 4-1/4"W x 4"H and the one on the right is 1-1/16"W x 4"H. Both are painted on the same canvas in a 6"W x 4"H footprint. They could be cut apart or framed together with a mat surrounding and separating them.

I really like how the appearance of this bean blossom seems to show a face and personality. It also reminds me of the monster in "Alien" when it speaks to Sigorney Weaver.

Here is how it appears on the canvas.



Thursday, September 21, 2006

Todays' Painting, "Quarter Pepper" by Gordon van Vliet


Todays' painting, "Quarter Pepper" is 6"W x 4"H oil on canvas. This is my second painting in the pepper format and is the exact pepper used in the first painting.

The quarter is not an American quarter, but a Dutch quarter obtained on my last trip there in 1984. Now Holland uses the Euro like so many other countries in Europe.

My pepper crop is growing well.

Comment: i took several photos of pepper plants today because i was doing a painting of the kirby barn [what else would i do] at the painting out but i was sitting next to a field of peppers. they were allowing a large group of plants go red. it was a great day with lots of clouds. as usual i love your site and the painting is great. Judy



Friday, September 15, 2006

"Penny Pepper" by Gordon van Vliet

This is my new painting, "Penny Pepper". It is a little larger, 7"W x 5"H on 1/4" hardboard.

To tell you the truth, I am not happy with the pepper and found it extremely difficult to do. What do you think? Please comment for all to see if you can.

The penny was easy.

The pepper, a mighty hot one, had such bright colors and close values. I went back and forth more than once to arrive at this stage.

At another forum the article (speech) by Fred Ross sparked many dozens of comments on both sides of the issue(s) raised. I invite you again to read that speech and comment here if you will.

Comment: your comment about your painting penny pepper......i had a dream one night and only remembered the fact that i had dreamed the color red.....the next day there was a news article about Degas on the morning news......the quote by degas jumped into my head " you can make a painting out of anything even radishes" i went to the store and bought a bunch of radishes and did 3 small paintings in that one day of the radishes. i got the red out onto my canvas and was very happy. not all of the paintings satisified me but i had tried. i am all ways looking forward to your painting of the day. Judy p.s. peppers are very hard to capture i think it is because of the smooth skin and the [what looks to me as a] blue highlight. i know because i have tried also.



Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Today's Painting, "Courage in Blue" by Gordon van Vliet

Another 4"W x 6"H oil on canvas finished todaywith two lions and a bottle of blue.

These lions are actually bronze locks acquired on a trip to nepal in 1984. They on standing on silver foil. I was most concerned with the composition of this piece.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Today's Painting, "Wait For Me, Mom!" by Gordon van Vliet

I liked this young fellow (my son) so much, that I thought I would try again. He always was determined. I think the first words out of his mouth were, "I can do it myself!". At least that is his attitude. Of course if he sees Mom leaving then he's not so self sufficient anymore.

Painting on a small canvas (4"W x 6"H) is quite difficult. I don't think I have ever used such small brushes.

Here is detail shot of the head. You can see the canvas texture which fights the small brush strokes.

He is dragging a red shirt behind him, but it is all in the shadow.

Here is a small chipmunk that I found injured today. I made a little bed in my studio to try and save him. I don't think he is going to make it, but I'll give it a try.



Saturday, September 09, 2006

Today's Painting, "You Called?" by Gordon van Vliet

This painting was fun to do. The little boy has an expression of be interrupted at play and inquiring the nature of the disturbance. I love the setting among the fruiting grasses.

It is oil painted on canvas 4"W x 6"H.

I plan on doing a few more in this genre and look forward to your remarks.

In a world of difficulties our children offer a bright ray of hope for tomorrow. Teach them well.

Today I also want to share with everyone a new mural. It is done in what I call the Academic Method. It is a major commission by Graydon Parrish and regards the 9/11 tragedy. The article is by Lee Sandstead whom I admire for his striking photography.

A Brief Introduction to Artist Graydon Parrish

The Cycle of Terror and Tragedy, September 11th, 2001 courtesy of Academy of Realist Art, Toronto

Another comment: Thanks for sharing the comments from ***** on your painting. I said to
myself, Gordon must have some big shoulders to withstand such honesty from him. Anyway, I don't think I could take it. I admit it, I am a sensitive wimp. I think you are incredibly talented. I am amazed at how much you have grown. I too, thought the painting of Noah captured him quite well. Keep up the great work! Name withheld for privacy.

My response: I value all the critical comments that I receive. Most, including that one, are given with a view to help me become a better painter. I accept all comments in that light. Good or bad, however they are meant, I try to evaluate them against my work, to improve it. Please, everyone continue with the comments. There is no better help than honesty.

As a side note I apologize for that commet being remailed. It was not intended and I do not know how it happened. But I have taken steps to avoid a repeat of that mistake. Thanks again for all your support.



Friday, September 08, 2006

Today's Painting, "Young Woman Study" by Gordon van Vliet

Shown is an oil study 16"W x 20"H that I worked on recently.

My emphasis on this piece was to get the posture of the body to relax in the seat. I think the posture is pretty good. There is a real sense of how her abdomen rests.

The right arm(viewer look left) was repainted two or three times to correct fore- shortening issues. Even though it appears that way in life, I will change it and increase the girth of her upper arm there. It will be a better image that way.

Then this one will get set aside.

I hate to overwork a painting. If I do not like how it is progressing, often I get to a point of just starting over. I like the process best when it flows smoothly from the beginning.

Tomorrow I will post a small 4x6 inch painting of a small boy. Til then, enjoy.



Thursday, September 07, 2006

Today's Painting, "Hillside Inn" by Gordon van Vliet

"Hillside Inn" by Gordon van Vliet, oil on board was painted one morning last week.

I love the feel (atmosphere) of this piece.

The composition shows this old mansion of 12,000 sf just peaking out from beyond a hedge row and tucked in the woods. Set on 30+ acres in Wyoming, NY. Shown is the second floor and attic portion of the building.

Afterwards I joined some fellow painters including "The All Weather Gang" for a lunch inside. Wonderful morning.

I have adde a new link to Daily Painters Update in the right side margin of the Blog Main Page. If you are a new subscriber you may want to see some of the earlier posts. All my archives are also accessable from the Blog Main Page.

Tomorrow I will post a new portrait study I have been working on.

A subscriber sent in this comment -
"i really enjoy your web site. seeing your daily painting is great!! seeing the name 'opa' really got to me because i had a opa and oma for grandparents on my side of the family. my grandparents had a farm in clarkson and i lived on a farm in hamlin until i was in my junior year in high school. so many of my barn pictures are called opa's barn. it is just a way of remembering my childhood." name withheld to respect privacy



Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Today's Painting, "Reflecting" by Gordon van Vliet

Here is the 2nd oil painting of the day at Pultneyville Marina. I call it "Reflecting". This one took about 1-1/2 hours and I chose a simple composition so I could get it finished. To the right you see the subject I was painting.

I am intrigued with painting water and reflection so that aspect drew me to this subject. I liked the way the boat hull reflected in the water and the water in the hull. This was interesting to do without a photograph, as the image in my view changed constantly, with wind, boat wake, cloud and sun altering the surface and the light.

Sometime I would enjoy working from a photo reference to paint both, static images which would appear abstract and moving images to catch the life in the situation.

I also want to study painting multiple scenes within a scene. The water, the image reflected in the surface, the water reflected in an adjoining surface, the fish swimming in the water and the surface at the bottom. These types of paintings I find very interesting.

During the GVPAP events of the day we voted for the 4 best images of the morning and also the afternoon. I was quite shocked that my fellow artists choose this as one of the four best in the afternoon. I think they liked the composition and that is what I like best about it as well.

Tomorrow I will post a study I did while at Hillside Inn about a week ago.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Today's Painting, "Willow Brothers Four" by Gordon van Vliet

Today's Painting, "Willow Brothers Four" by Gordon van Vliet was painted at the GVPAP annual meeting and paintout at Pultneyville Marina.

Read more about the event by clicking on GVPAP. If you go there, notice this painting on the picnic table in the photos provided on that site.

The picture at right shows the scene. What a great day. Later in the day I did a second painting which I will show tomorrow.

This past weekend in the mountains was great. My friends took me to Saratoga Racetrack for an afternoon of horse racing. My first time and I had alot of fun. Afterward we had a nice dinner in the town and enjoyed a street music festival as well. Wonderful place.

Last week I mentioned an upcoming newspaper article. It came out this weekend in the paper.

I was quoted as follows:
"It (plein air painting) teaches you to use a looser style and more speed," says Brighton artist Gordon Van Vliet, 46. "The colors and shapes are constantly changing outdoors, and you have to get a sense of the place."

Get the full story by clicking the picture.



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