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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Car cartoon sketches


Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Frozen Train

The Frozen Train, by Robert Tracy copyright 2003 All rights reserved

One of my favorite images by Robert. The frozen train is a stream liner from an amazing era in history. An Art Deco inspired theme
that gave rise to huge industrial imagination. Sky scrapers, sleek autos and all manor of appliances. Man as creator taking joy in the shear beauty of form.

Here the trains light streaks a like a lightning bolt across the mid-west landscape to the future. A moment frozen. A fleeting glimpse of greatness. It brings to my mind the beauty of the awesome cities and buildings set against nature in the Star Trek movies. To boldly go where none have gone before. Thank you Robert, for the catalyst of thought that allows this certain imagination.

I find many people are afraid to tackle such dreams and work to make them a reality. Afraid of squandering scarce resources or wasting time. I believe that we can learn to not only utilize the materials we see around us for beautiful purposes, but preserve nature and create new things both in natural and ARTificial through our efforts. I hate waste and love creation.

One aspect of all ART (the creative discipline) is possibility of projecting from within to others the amazing potential. Ideas do matter!

Here is another of Roberts paintings and one of my own. Robert at Quent Cordair Gallery

Left is Robert Tracy's, "As the World Turns" copyright 2007 All rights reserved

Click on either image for more information.

Right is "Whispering" by Gordon van Vliet copyright 2006 All rights reserved SOLD

I always imagine the buds, fruit, flowers, nuts (all similar new life forms) sharing a conversation. Life is new and exciting, life is beautiful!

Finally, I have purchased a picture framing store and hope to enlarge the offering to fine art. Wish me well in this endeavor and stop by and visit. Michael Burdick is a master framer and working his craft for 22 years. I look forward to working with him to build this store into
something special. The store phone number is 585-787-2150. Her is one of the ad pieces we are developing. The store will also have a blog that will become active over time.

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