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Sunday, January 29, 2006

New Year New Adventures - consolidated for January & February

End of February 2006
Wisdom of the Northwest, by Gordon van Vliet SOLD
coyright February 2006 all rights reserved

This is a painting of a mask used in tribal ceremonies of the Indians along the upper Pacific coast of North America. This particular mask was once worn by a "medicine man" or another "man of wisdom". In many old legends the bird was a symbol of hidden knowledge. The image is set against a dark background made with Raw Sienna, Black, and Ultramarine Blue.

Painted on 16"w x 20"H triple primed canvas with 3/4" hardwood stretchers. The edges are stapled but painted like the background. It could be hung the way it is or framed as shown. I think a gold or dark gold "plein-air" type frame would suit it best.

I am considering additional works with this motif. Perhaps a triple canvas with multiple bird images that intersect for a nice 48" x 20" image or mounted separately as 3 distinct 16" x 20" images. Also a background with an abstract but geographically appropriate imagery.

Blood City, by Gordon van Vliet
coyright November 2005 all rights reserved
This piece was displayed in an art show during the spring of 2006. It is signed, dated and titled at the bottom. The work measures 5"w x 14"H inches oil on 1/4" hardboard.

Blood is a metaphor of life flowing through our veins. Likewise, the life blood of the city are the individuals who inhabit it and are the city's motive force. First works are for survival, when secured, time and energy are spent on larger , more complex ideas. These ideas are represented as buildings and towers, finally a pinnacle soaring upward. As the towers are illuminated in the sun so too may an Individual reach great heights. All people are benefited from the such success.

Also represent here is the idea of the city as the center or natural result of separate individuals need of fellowship, society. This is a mix from those just surviving to those able to achieve further goals. I have always viewed the tower as an inspiration of what can be accomplished through productive thought and work.

More on this theme in future posts.

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kRob said...

Now that bird mask ROCKS! A series would be awesome. Reminds of the works in my favorite gallery- it's very ecclectic southwest. I wish I could send you a link but, for some reason they don't have a web address. I have to physically go there! Will check back to see if you ever feel inspired to paint that tryptych! Do you know if it is possible to put a link to your blog from my blog? (LOL! I am computer illiterate!)
Thanks for the comment on my blog! I was so exited to discover a comment! =)

8:40 PM

Late February 2006
Here is a copy of a John Yaeger painting that I finished in late February 2006. When I emailed John about it he was pleased that I liked his work well enough to paint a copy. Make sure you look at his painting by following the link.

February 6, 2006
For the past 9 months
I have been taking a new direction with my oil painting. My objective is to paint figures that will inspire an individual to positive action.

Works by such artists such as Steve Hanks (Her Point of View) at right and Bryan Larson (Just the Beginning) at left are examples of such contemporary art.

Frank Frazetta and other hero painters of his era are a great inspiration, as are many of the Socialist propaganda artists. Do not mis-understand, I am not a socialist and do not believe in the work of the masses, as the salvation of mankind. What I do believe is the work of the individual is the salvation of that man (woman) and as an extension provides others with a valuable opportunities to trade. I believe this is a key component of good society. Society is nothing more than a group of individuals. Good society a group of individuals with unbridled freedom of trade and expression.

Below I mentioned Chris Kolupski, who is a fine portrait artist. Take a look at the school he operates called Boxart Street Atelier. Chris has some of my paintings on display at his school gallery. Also be sure to peruse the web site of Steve Carpenter. He offers fine training for the artist as well. So take a look and give me your feed back. It is always so good to get the comments of my friends in the art world.

I leave today with a photo of my current paint studio.2 Comments Close this window Collapse comments
Hale McKay said...

Thank you for the visit and comments. I have been a fan of both Vallejo and Franzetta for as long as I can remember. You can't go wrong being inspired by their work.
...Good luck. Maybe someday I will see a piece of your work and be able to say, "He visited my blog once and even left a comment."

6:47 PM

kRob said...

I only give critiques if they are asked for and since you did here ya go! -
I really like the piece you painted at the school. I picked it out 1st so I guess you are recognizable! I like the earthy colors, they enhance her skin tones. I love the way you don't completely blend away all the little nuances of of color...yea, I'm a color freak! I like the light you achieved on her forehead and the shadow behind her ear!

9:04 PM

December 2005
To Begin... I am Gordon J. van Vliet.

To the right is my self portrait completed late in December 2005. It is the first self-portrait and I like it. It currently is being displayed at the gallery of Steve Carpenter

I am just beginning to show my painting via blog and it is exciting.

Christian Kolupski is a painter feel fortunate to have found. He is a fine portrait artist and also offers classes for students in the Rochester area. The portrait at right was accomplished in about 3 hours. It is an example of the type of painting I am currently studying. Known as "Alla Prima" for a work painted "all at once" or "in one session". It is a direct painting approach and allows great freedom in the creative process.

I became acquainted with Steve Carpenter when drawing in his open studio sessions. There we have a model to draw from or paint, whichever the artist desires. Steve is expert in capturing the human form in charcoal and paint. I do about 3 hours a week in his studio. As time passes you should note a new direction in my work showing people in more animated situations. Let me know how you like my work as time goes on.

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K Rob said...

This is great! :) I love all the colors in the skin tones!

9:15 PM

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