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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Portrait of Ayn Rand

"Portrait of Ayn Rand" by Robert Tracy

I have long regarded Robert Tracy as one of the best and easiest to admire artists. His excellent technical skills are coupled with wonderful insight and value.

"Robert Tracy is a self-taught romantic-realist artist. At the time he began his art career, non-objective art held a near monopoly to the claim of serious art. The art schools were among the staunchest supporters of that monopoly. The choice was to get on board or go your own way. Robert Tracy went his own way. What is that world? For the most part, it is a world of peace and absorption...Though there can be drama, there is little conflict and usually no social interaction." ―Robert Knapp, Ph.D.

"Robert Tracy's work is clear and straight forward, beautiful colors, and precise drawing. They are paintings with a positive sense of life that are wonderful to look at. Tracy's subjects are not heroic; but rather, ordinary subjects made important by his total concentration and love of each particular work. His imagination creates a simple subject, painting it to a level of nobility containing great emotional power."
―Marvin Steel

"Robert Tracy's art must be studied with an eye and mind that is not only critical but also open to new ways of conveying emotions and messages. Meticulously rendered, his work is near perfection in form and substance. And I dare anyone to show me better accuracy than what he offers in pencil. Robert's work is a joy to look at, again, and again. His work will keep his name alive for ages."
―Ben Reed
Author of "My Dying Breath"

Some links to his work: About 500 works by Robert Tracy

Some work for sale:
EBAY Store
Quent Cordair Gallery

"...Tracy’s art is not fashionable. It does not seek to shock, affront, distort, deconstruct, or dissolve. It seeks only to invite you in to share his world..."

Robert Tracy ART REVIEW

Perhaps the finest portrait of Ayn Rand in existence.

It is being offered and demands to be placed in the home of an ardent admirer. Contact Robert directly and speak with him about this very special portrait.

Take a close look at the work and descriptions. I think you will enjoy the experience.





At 9:50 AM, Anonymous Robert Tracy said...

Thank you Gordon.

A fine review of my work.

Much appreciated.

Robert Tracy

At 11:11 AM, Blogger "van Vliet" Art Blog said...

Your Welcome Robert. I think this effort is giving benefits. Gordon


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